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What every Iowan should know
about their roads

The Associated General Contractors of Iowa was created in 1923 for the purpose of providing a unified voice for contractors in promoting the needs of Iowa's highway infrastructure.

Today the AGC is made up of over 400 contractor and associate members involved in heavy construction. In addition to highway construction, our members build sewers, dams, reservoirs, dikes and levees, bridges, sidewalks, bike paths and parking lots.

The following contains facts and figures regarding Iowa's highway and street network. Maintaining and improving that network is vital to Iowa's future economic growth.


In Iowa, the user of the network makes the investment in road maintenance and construction through fuel taxes, use taxes and vehicle registration fees. AGC works to insure those public funds are used for the purpose which they are collected.

This investment allows for the movement throughout that network of people and goods in this state. The AGC is committed to improving the capacity and safety of Iowa's highway infrastructure.

Iowa Highway System Network and Funding*

Total spent annually in Iowa on roads and streets $1.47b
Road Use Tax Fund (RUTF) Receipts $1.001b
Source of Receipts:
Motor Fuel Tax
Registration Fees
Vehicle Use Tax

Other Sources of Road Funds:
Federal Government
Local Property Tax

Road Use Fund Distribution
47.5% to the Primary Road System
24.5% to the County Road System
8% to the Farm to Market Road System
20% to the Municipal System

*Sources: IDOT & Legislative Fiscal Bureau, FY 99
** Federal - FY 97
***State - FY 97

Iowa Highway Network*

State System 10,078 miles
Interstates 782 miles: carries 34% of vehicle miles on state-owned highways, and 57% of tractor/semi trailer travel.
Primary System 9,296 miles: carries 61% of vehicle miles and 87% of heavy truck travel.
National Highway
3,201 miles: designated by Congress to receive most of federal highway investment. The system includes the interstate system, selected primary routes and the 2,331 mile commercial and industrial network. The "C" and "I" network is designed to connect Iowa with regional, national and international markets.
State Bridges 3,292 bridges-34.9m sq ft.
County System 89,455 miles: 79.5% of total Iowa highway network; carries 16.8% of vehicle miles and 11.9% of heavy truck travel.
County Bridges 20,267 bridges, 34m sq ft.
Municipal System 12,967 miles: 11.5% of total Iowa highway miles; carries 22.3% of vehicle miles and 1.2% of heavy truck travel.
Municipal Bridges 1,146 bridges, 4.9m sq ft

Iowa ranks 10th in the nation in miles of highway (112,500) and fourth in number of bridge structures (24,705)

*Source: IDOT Transpiration System Facts, January 1995

Iowa Highway Conditions & Needs* 1994-2013
Average age of Iowa interstate roadway - 20.7 years
Other average state highway roadway age - 42.9 years
Interstate system 20-year projected reconstruction needs - 200 mi
Primary system 20-year projected reconstruction needs - 1600 mi
Secondary (County) system 20-year projected reconstruction needs - 42,000 mi
Municipal system 20-year projected reconstruction needs - 5,300 mi
Total interstate & primary projected costs (1993 $) - $11,739,445,000
Total secondary projected costs (1993 $) - $13,396,210,000
Total municipal projected costs (1993 $) - $8,021,491,000
Total 20 year costs - $33 billion
Estimated financial resources 1994-2013 - approx. $21 billion
Shortfall to maintain Iowa highway construction needs - $12 billion

Source: IDOT Quadrennial Need Study, 1994-2013

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