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Why should highway contractors belong to the Associated General Contractors of Iowa?....Because you can't afford not to!

AGC of Iowa is the only trade association in the state representing highway contractor interests on issues affecting every facet of your business.

Dollar for dollar, AGC membership provides the best value in services. Whether your needs be social, economic, political or educational, there’s a membership category right for you.

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Membership Categories

Members shall be general contractors who shall be duly elected to membership by the Board of Directors of the Association in the manner and under the conditions herein provided. Only those general contractors shall be entitled to membership who have been engaged in the general contracting business for at least two years prior to making application for membership.


New firms or corporations shall be entitled to membership only in the event at least one executive thereof shall have had at least two years experience in the general contracting business before becoming associated with the said new firm or corporation. A general contractor is hereby defined as any individual, firm, or other legal entity who, under the contract with another party, undertakes to execute construction work in its entirety at least partly with his or her or its own forces.

Each member shall be restricted to only one vote in the general affairs of the Association.

A firm, corporation, or other legal entity shall be treated as a single member for the purpose of voting and shall appoint a representative to cast its vote, but any executive or member of such firm, corporation, or legal entity may be elected to office in the Association. Corporations whose charters do not provide for membership in other organizations shall appoint an individual who shall be a member of this Association.

The term "Visiting Member" as used herein, shall be limited to a member firm operating temporarily within the occupational and territorial jurisdiction of the Chapter. The firm shall cease to be considered as a "Visiting Member" if the performance of its work extends beyond one year, or if additional local work is obtained, or a branch office is opened. The firm shall then become a full-fledged member.

"Honorary Membership" in the Association may be given to any individual whose service to the Construction Industry and the Association is deemed to have been unusually outstanding by a unanimous vote of the Committee on Awards, to be appointed by the President, and by the ratification of such action by a majority vote of the Board of Directors; provided that "Honorary Membership" may be given only to an individual who has been a member of the Association either individually or as a member of the firm for more than twenty years and who has permanently retired from active participation in the Construction Industry. "Honorary Members" shall have no voting right nor be required to pay dues.

The designation "Associate Member" may be conferred by the Board of Directors upon any individual, firm, corporation, or other legal entity other than a general contractor who is actively engaged in or concerned with the Construction Industry and wishes to be associated with this Association as well as the Associated General Contractors of America. "Associate Members" shall be issued membership certificates from this Association and shall be entitled to use the special emblem for "Associate Members" of Associated General Contractors of Iowa, but shall not have voting privileges in a general membership meeting.

Associate Members shall be considered as one division of the Association called the Associate Division. Within their division two members shall be eligible for membership on the Board of Directors with full voting rights and privileges in a meeting of the Board of Directors.

"Provisional Membership" may be granted by the Board of Directors of the Association to those firms, who for lack of experience in the industry, are ineligible to be accepted as a regular Contractor Member. "Provisional Membership" may be continued not more than three years from the date of acceptance as such "Provisional Member".

"Provisional Members" will not be eligible to vote in the general affairs or serve as officers of the Association.


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