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US Market Construction Update
Highway Construction Link
Intro: Infrastructure construction in the United States totaled $154.4 billion in 2000, and by the end of 2001, it is projected to grow by 4% to over $161 billion in construction put-in-place. Comprised of transportation, public utilities, and environmental construction, this category includes:

Utilities (operating facilities and supporting buildings)
Conservation and development
Highways and streets
Public Utilities
Water supply facilities.
High Tech Corridor

Utilities represent the largest portion of this mix, accounting for 42% of all dollars spent ($54 billion of $130 billion). Not far behind, the highways and streets total of $49 billion accounts for 38% of the spending. Together, these two market sectors represent 80% of all U.S. infrastructure construction projected in 2001. At the same time, however, we expect transportation-related construction to continue a trend of modest decline (-4%) compared to significant growth in public utilities construction (23%).

Reprinted with permission from 2001-2002 U.S. Construction Markets Update, FMI Corporation, 919-787-8400. For more information, visit or call Angela Blackburn at 919-785-9220.


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