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Legislative Services
AGC has earned the respect of Congress and state legislatures throughout the country as the construction industry’s leading authority on, and watchdog for, contractors’ interests. AGC of Iowa employs a full-time lobbyist who is continually building relationships with state lawmakers and government officials in Des Moines, while AGC of America employs seventeen full-time lobbyists to look after the interests of the construction industry in Washington, DC. Their activities include:

Monitoring Legislation – Staff monitors legislation that comes before state and federal legislatures and explains to elected and appointed officials the impact these proposals will have on construction.

Writing and Introducing Legislation – AGC writes, introduces and co-sponsors pro-business/construction legislation.

Lobbying for Funding – AGC lobbies for funding for public works projects including highway funds.

Scott Newhard is AGC Iowa's
Vice President for Public Affairs
phone: 515-283-2424

Monitoring of Proposed Regulations – Staff monitors the activities of state and federal agencies and communicates to elected and appointed officials the effects of proposed regulations on the construction industry.

Political Fund Raising – AGC raises political funds to support pro-business political candidates in state and federal elections.

Contact AGC/I’s Public Affairs Director for more information on these services and activities.

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